About Myself

Hi All. I am Jack. Like every other Indian, I am huge fan of Cricket and in one word its my life. By Profession I am financial analyst but by heart want to be a cricket player.

During school, every day we used to play cricket in the evening. At home my elder brother used to watch Cricket in TV and that is how I started showing interest in Cricket. From there day by day, the love towards the game increased to multiple folds. During childhood, used to wake up early in the morning only to watch Indian matches in New Zealand and Australia with TV in mute so that it will not disturb the other family members.

After school, it’s a daily routine to play cricket and don’t ask about summer holidays, , its only one game “Cricket” from morning to evening. Didn’t bother about food, scorching summer heat, the only thing in mind is to enjoy the game. In the evenings, started playing the most popular one bump cricket game in front of the house. The childhood is all about cricket and with few of my friends who are really good players made the matches more interesting and challenging.

After school, got busy with studies and stopped playing cricket till I joined my Engineering. And again, with facilities like proper ground and cricket kits, we formed a team and used to play every weekend. This time it was more professional as we used to play against other college teams which added professionalism to my game.

At the end of Graduation and Post-Graduation, I felt bad as I thought I will not get a chance to play cricket again but to my luck which ever organization I have joined, they have a cricket team and I am part of it and this time its more and more serious as we used to play with other corporate teams which are even tougher to play.

Throughout all this journey, I have learned cricket step by step and whenever I got a chance meeting with professional cricketers, learned from them which changed my game and more over learned how to analyze the game.

I used to discuss a lot with my friends after matches and we used to discuss the pros and cons of the matches. I am a hardcore Indian fan so whatever the result is, I used to support the team but at the same time used to raise the negative points about the team as well but in a positive manner.

Once I created an account in FB, after couple of years, I started posting about the matches on Facebook and now if any one visited my profile, it will be only either cricket updates or cricket analysis. I always wanted to be a cricket analyst but somehow time and chance didn’t come in my way to turn my love towards cricket into profession. My Facebook page is full of cricket News and Cricket posts and analysis. I have been posting a lot of pre and post-match comments in Facebook and then I decided to start a Blog where I can write the same with more analysis and more in a professional style.

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