India is playing Ruthless cricket. One more win from the jaws of Loss.

India won the 4th T20 in Wellington in super over. They are one inch away from the loss in last couple of overs and came back superbly in last two overs and won the match in Super over. The interesting point is it’s not Bumrah, Bhuvi or Shami who bowled the last two overs. Its two youngsters Saini and Thakur who bowled last two overs when the NZ need just 11 runs and two set batsmen are in the middle. A good sign for Indian Fast bowling. Rahul and Kohli won the game for India in the super over.

India opened with new opener this time. Sanju Samson walked in with Rahul. Its was a great chance for Sanju Samson to prove himself. He  smashed a six in the second over and showed how big hitter he was. The next ball he tried to hit big and got out In similar fashion as he did in last outing. Virat walked in early and started to build partnership along with Rahul. On the other hand Rahul continued his form with a six and four in 3rd over. Virat smashed two fours of first two balls in 4th over and got out in the next delivery. It was a slow ball and he edged it. He was surprised by extra bounce . Shreyas walked in and didn’t last long and got out to Sodhi in 7th over for just 1 run. Dube walked in and it’s a great opportunity for him to play along with Rahul. He played aggressively by smashing two fours in 8th over. Rahul was playing well and it was a juicy half pitched delivery and Rahul tried to smash the ball but straight into the hands of deep mid-wicket. He was out for well-made 39 runs. Pandey walked in and it was a great opportunity for both the youngsters Dube and Pandey to pull India out of the tough 11th over, Dube tried to smash big and got out at long on.

This is clearly inexperience batting by him. 4 wickets down and its all bowlers to follow him and 10 overs in the pocket, he could have played slowly and smashed a loose ball. Instead of that he looked aggressive and got out. In last 4 matches, he got out playing big shots in the early part of the innings, I guess its high time for management to speak with him to calm down and respect the balls in his early part of innings. Although its his style of batting , he should see the team situation and should play accordingly. Its not only Dube but Rishabh pant in the past, Samson in last couple of matches and now Dube. They have immense talent and got opportunities, but they didn’t catch those. But Samson need couple of opportunities as he is a real talent.

Pandey who didn’t get much opportunities in final X1 although he is in the squad for couple of years proved that he needs a permanent place in final X1. Although his partners are walking to the pavilion in every over, he stood on the other end played a superb innings. He scored his 3rd 50 in T20. He paced his innings so well that he is never under 100 strike rate. His heroics innings and Saini small cameo at the end by smashing 10 runs in the 19th over took India to 165 which is a par score.

It seems like India are 10 to 15 runs short of good score but with the way they bowling in last couple of years felt its an achievable target.

Guptill and Munro walked in and Guptill walked in with a little discomfort in his ankle and looked not comfortable from ball 1. India started their powerplay superbly with Bumrah, Saini and thakur bowled superbly in first 5 overs conceding just 23 runs and also Guptill wicker in 5th over. They lost track in last over of the powerplay by conceding 16 runs in the 6th over. Munro and Seifert started to construct the innings and played really well that they started to take the game away from India. It seems like it will be a comfortable win for NZ at the end of 10th over. They need to score just 87 runs in last overs with 9 wickets in hand with two set batsman in the middle. But cricket is always a cruel game and no one should take it lightly at any point of the game. Munro smashed the ball to cover deep and took the first run at a good pace and started his second run very slowly. In the mean while Thakur thorowed the ball to kohli and kohli smashed the stumps with a direct hit. As munro started his second run slowly, he couldn’t cover the ground and got out. That was a big turning point of the match as Munro who already scored 50 will take the game away from India if he is in the middle.

Chahal bowled a brilliant ball into the legs of Bruce and ripped through the wickets. Everyone thought with two quick wickets, the run rate will slow down but with Taylor and Seifert in the middle, it was a easy game for blackcaps. They both started playing well and started smashing boundaries when ever they get a chance. 3 overs and NZ need 18 runs to score. Seifert 48 and Taylor 22 seems like it’s a NZ game but the only hope was Bumrah one over. If he can take wickets, it will be India game again but this time Bumrah is on the backfoot and gave away 7 runs in 18th over. India need 11 runs in last two overs which should be the NZ game with two young bowlers to bowl last two. It never looked like India game at that moment. Saini started the 19th over and bowled brilliantly and proved that he will the future fast bowler. He proved good in the opportunities he got. He bowled brilliantly and just conceded 4 runs . So NZ need to score 7 runs from 6 balls and Thakur has to bowl the last over. He normally don’t bowl in the last phase and it’s a new challenge for him.

19.1 – with just 7 runs, May be Ross Taylor felt like finishing the game with a big six but its not in the middle of the bat and up in the air. Shreyas Iyer took a great catch in the nigh skies and once again NZ started their last over in a bad shape.

19.2 – Thakur to the new batsman and it was a four over mid off. The game almost over with this ball but Indians think the other way.

19.3 – its  a slow bouncer to Mitchell and missed the ball, Seifert tried to take run from non striker but Rahul with a brilliant throw from behind the stumps and Seifert got run out.

3 runs from 3 balls and two new batsman in the middle.

19.4 – Thakur to Santner and is a single.

2 runs from 2 balls and it seems like another super over in play.

19.5 – Thakur to Mitchell and he tried to play big and gave a catch to Dube. It’s inexperience again or rush of blood. 3 out of 3 , they could have just hit the ball in the ground and scored two’s or signles. Last ball – 2 runs for NZ win, a wicket for India Win and single run for a super over.

19.6 – It’s a wide ball to Santner and it’s a single again. They tried to take second but its  easy run out for Rahul. Its all over for NZ and game moved to Super over again.

Super over.

NZ came out with Munro and Seifert and Bumrah to bowl the super over. It 2, 4, 2, W, 4 and single to end the super over. NZ scored 13 runs of the super over. During the super over, it was India missed two chances in the field where Seifert tried to hit big and gave two opportunities to Indian fielders during 1st and 3rd ball of the over but India didn’t take those. Although those two are difficult chances. Surprisingly Bumrah who is an Yorker specialist didn’t try to bowl a single Yorker in  in first 5 balls. He tried to bowl the 6th ball as Yorker and gave away single run.

India need 14 runs to win the match and with No Rohit, it was Kohli and Rahul who walked in and Rahul smashed first ball outside the park . He smashed a big six and proved he is super form again. He smashed the next ball to 4 and scored 10 runs in first two balls. India Need 4 runs from 4 balls and Rahul tried to score  big and got out at deep mid wicket. In a super over, its always a toughest situation to loose a wicket as each team will have only two wickets. To all surprises, it was not Pandey who scored 50 or its not Shreyas Iyer who is terrific for walked into the middle, it was Samson who walked. He smash the ball big but with a not good runs behind his belt, it’s a trick India played during the super over. Kohli with all his experience scored two runs and its just 2 runs in 2 balls. 5th ball of the super over, he smashed the the ball to the boundary and gave India the 4th win in the Series. India walked out of the ground with a 4th win and will go to 5th ODI with a 5- 0 win first time ever in NZ

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