India Highest Successful Run chase. India Started their overseas new year journey with a Bang.

Highlights: First let us speak about team selection. The team looks good but keeping Rishab out of the team doesn’t make sense. Indian team is investing on him for last one year and now ignoring him as Rahul can Keep and bat does not look good and it will low his confidence. Its not that Rishab is the only replacement to Dhoni, there is sanju samson, Rahul who can opt for that position. But with World cup with few months away and now keeping a player out whom you have trusted for last one year is not making any sense.

Hope Management communicated to Rishab so that his confidence does not go down. Apart from that the team looks good. Dube selection was impressive in absence of Hardik. Its always better you make a young allrounder ready in case of Hardik absence. Bowling looks good with Bumrah back.

India won the toss and elected to bowl and trusted their chasing skills. With 4 days from their last game, team India adopted to conditions well and started with a bang.

Pictures taken from Indiancricketteam insta.

Mixed reactions on the pitch before the match as some says it’s a bowling and other says it’s a batting paradise but at the end of the match, it turned out to be batting paradise. Guptill and Munro started NZ innings on a destructive and well-planned mode where they have given respect to Bumrah and targeted other bowlers. They started scoring 10 per over and started the tour with a solid partnership. With 7.5 overs, they have scored 80 and going on a high pace. There comes Dube with a speed of 119 Km bowled a slow ball which gave Guptil no pace to hit a six and landed straight in the hands of Rohit Sharma. Rohit took a nice balanced catch near the boundary.

Captain Williamson walked and started his innings on a slow pace scoring 1 run in 4 balls At the end of 10 overs, they have scored 91 runs and with one wicket in pavilion , It looked like they will score 220+.

In 11 the over, Thakur back into the attack where Williamson smashed him for two sixes back to back and raised his batting gear. Munro who scored 50 and looked good tried for one more big shot but this time he tried on a slow ball and the ball landed in Chahal hands.Jadeja bought into attack in 12th over and he proved again why he needed a permanent place in India X1 with a wicket on his second ball in his first over. He took Grandhomme. Taylor walked into the middle and both Williamson and Taylor looked aggressive and started to score at a 200+ run rate and maintain the 10+ run rate although they lost quick wickets. In 17th over, Williamson took over Chahal and scored 3 fours in first 5 balls and got out tried to hit sixth ball as well. With Williamson out , and Bumrah back into the attack in last 3overs, NZ scored 25 runs in last 3 overs which is less when compared to their run rate through out the match and ended up with 203 for 4.

India started their chase with a new opener KL Rahul as Shikar is ruled out of the tour due to shoulder injury. Rohit and Rahul looked aggressive from ball 1. In the second over, Rohit tried to take over Santer but with a slow ball outside off, rohit tried to hit big and edged it and gave a simple catch to Taylor. With Rohit out and need to chase 200+, fans may worried a bit but Rahul showed them why the team trusted him and started scoring boundaries on all sides of the ground. Virat normally looks cool at the start of the innings and when other the batsman is on aggressive mode, but this time he too started aggressively and started hitting boundaries with a  super aggression. They both targeted every bowler and scored 10+ in each over and gave a solid base during the power play. In 9th over, with a big six Rahul scored 50 and India reached 100. In 10th over, Rahul tried to hit big against Sodhi and got out at 56. In last one year, he is in super form and proving that he can play at any position. Shreyas walked and mean while Kohli in 12th over got out when Guptil took a wonderful diving catch. It all takes back t WC where the same Guptill took out Dhoni with a wonderful fielding which ended the India WC chances.

Dube came in got out with just one six and four but he proved he can hit big boundaries and as time goes, he can turn into a match winning player at the end. Manish walked in and India need 60 runs with 36 balls with 10 runs per over looked little tough with two young players and two new players in the middle. Shreyas who grabbed oppurtunities in every match looked the game in a different view and started attacking every bowler and hitting hard boundaries. He started to hit boundaries in each over and smashed to all parts of the ground . India need 18 runs in 12 balls and Shreyas started 19th over with a  six and continued with four and finished the game with a six. Manish on the other hand gave good support to Shreyas. At the end , India chased the score with one over to spare and two young guns proved that they are in radar for WC.

Shreyas Iyer is the man of the match.

Good Bye and see you on Sunday for 2nd T20.

Note: All pictures are taken from Indiancricketteam insta.

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