India VS Australia – A big match – Two top teams.

It’s a Virat Kohli trademark captaincy by trusting the two wrist spinners. But at the end of the day it resulted in a match winning decision.

It’s a batting marathon at oval. Rohit and Dhawan gave a wonderful start to Indian innings which was carried by Virat till the end.  Dhawan back to the form with super 100 and Rohit supported him well in first 10 overs with out loosing a wicket. Once Rohit got out, it was Kohli who was anchoring innings at one end and Dhawan went with this flow and reached a superb 100.

Dhawan got out at 117 trying to switch the gear to reach a massive total. Normally most of the teams lose their flow with fall of a wicket but it’s a great move to send Pandya ahead of Rahul. Pandya played a brilliant innings by scoring 48 of 27 balls and just fall a short of fastest fifty in this world cup. MSD walked in and put all the comments (he takes lot of balls to settle) in the dustbin and scored a quick 27 of just 14 balls with 192 strike rate.

With little outing, Rahul once again proved his position is fixed in the team by scoring 11 in just 3 balls taking India to a massive total of 352/5.

Second innings started well for Australia with out loosing a wicket in first 10 overs but they started slow and never looked like they want to get a head of required run rate. It seems like they want to adopt the same style of Indian innings keeping the wickets in hand and explode in last 15 to 20 overs. The only thing they might missed is the pressure of a big score ahead and pressure of hitting every ball out of the boundary.

Warner and Smith tried to put Australia in the match but they played too slow which made the run rate to go up. This made the other batsman outing a little tough as they need to score every ball and led to loose their wickets.

Bhuvi, Bumrah, Chahal and Kuldeep bowled to their line and length and never gave opportunity to batsman to free their hands.

Maxwell looked good but couldn’t play a long innings. Carey replicated the Pandya innings but it was too late and he ran out of partners on the other end which resulted in 316 All out and handed over the win to India.

1st Innings Powerplay.

Dhawan Century and the way Rohit and Dhawan played first 10 overs.

Kohli back to form innings.

Pandya and Dhoni T20 Innings.

A massive 352 total.

2nd Innings Powerplay.

Superb fielding by Jadhav to make Finch runout who is looking dangerous.

Slow as per his standards but an important fifty by Warner in a high scoring match

Its almost a Smith show but couldn’t play a long innings to win the match for Australia.

Kuldeep and Chahal as usual good performance in the middle overs

Carey superb innings.

Its an you tube link,

Now let’s join the match….

1st Innings

From Toss till the last ball it went in India way and to achieve that the Indian team played well.

India came out with a proper plan not to give away wickets to opening bowlers and they played a real cautious game in first 10 overs with scoring  4 to 5 runs per over but the most important thing is not giving away the wicket to Cummins or Starc.

After 4 overs, Dhawan middle everything and started scoring at a good rate. On the other hand Rohit played a little slow innings but the partnership they build is a crucial one.

Once Cummins and Starc didn’t bother the Indian Batsman much, Coulter- Nile bought into the attack but that move helped Indians to increase the run rate as Dhawan scored  a big over from Coulter-Nile.

Dhawan and Rohit Scored their half centuries without much trouble from Australian fast bowlers. They both scored a good rate by scoring 127 runs in 22 overs. In the 23rd over Rohit tried to guide the ball over the wicketkeeper but couldn’t get the elevation and got out to Coulter-Nile. It gave the break which Australians are looking for 22 overs but for India when the dangerous openers got out, even more dangerous Virat walked in.

He started slow similar to SA innings but by that time Dhawan was timing everything and scored atleast 4 in an over which took the pressure from Virat. In 33rd over, when India was 187-1 Dhawan scored his first century for this World Cup in a dramatic mixup between wickets but ended happy for him.

Once Dhawan reached his 100 he started hitting every ball out of the park as they decided to up the run rate to reach a massive total. In that course, Dhawan looked for a big six and got out.

Then just before that Commentators was discussing about who will come next and Pandya walked in ahead of Rahul which was a right move. He started smashing from the ball 1 . Kohli held up one end and Pandya started to hit from the other end and he scored a brilliant 48 of just 27 balls. He missed out on a fastest 50 in this world cup when he tried to hit over mid-off.

Dhoni walked in and this time he played like a long hair Dhoni by smashing the ball out of the park. His quick innings of 27 of just 14 balls and Rahul 11 runs of 3 balls took the score to 352.

On the other hand, Kohli looked in good form by smashing the boundaries and reached 80. Always great players look for team win rather than individual milestones. He proved it once again. In last 4 to 5 overs, he had a chance to score 100 but always tried to give strike to Pandya and Dhoni who is hitting big. He proved he is a true ambassador of the game.

2nd Innings.

Although it’s a massive score, Australians had a great chance of winning as it’s a flat pitch with no swing and with such a huge hitters on their side.

But Indian bowlers who framed a lot of Indian wins in the last 2 to 3 years, once again came to the party and bowled very well.

Bumrah and Bhuvi started very well with line and length and without giving any easy deliveries to Warner and Finch. The length was so important when they play against Aus as if Warner and Finch got a few balls in the middle, then its very difficult to stop them and they will score big. So Bumrah and Bhuvi packed them with no room which made them to take risky singles which resulted in Finch run out. It was a great throw by Jadhav from deep when Warner tried to take single.

Once Finch was out, it was Smith who came out ahead of Khawaja. Smith looked good, but he never tried to up the run rate when Pandya came into the attack. He is a 5th bowler and everyone thought they will target Pandya. Except one over, they didn’t try to attack Pandya as well. Pandya bowled well with lot of bouncers which made the batsman to go on backfoot and didn’t try to score against him.

Once the ball was given to Chahal and Kuldeep, it was altogether a different game as both the spinners took the game in control and didn’t gave any loose balls to score big. It was a great move by Kohli to bowl Chahal against the wind and the plan worked out. Warner looked for a big shot and got out in the deep. He scored a very slow fifty as per his standards but who knows, if he stayed long at the wicket, he can just belt the bowlers and can score at 120 to 150 strike rates.

The in form Khawaja walked out and tried to up the run rate but with a superb delivery from Bumrah, the ball crashed onto the wickets making India move closer to the win.

It was the danger man Maxwell walked in and for sure all Indian fans would have worried a little bit. He has a potential to win matches and never bothered about run rate. He started in the same way hitting every ball out of the park and with the way he batted, the win percentage of Australian went little high.

By this time, Australians walked into the 40th over with 238 on the board. It was time for both the teams to change the gear . Smith and Maxwell started hitting at least 2 boundaries in last 2 to 3 overs for Bhuvi and Bumrah who were the hopes for Indian team. Bhuvi who is not at his best in last 6 months came to the party by picking two important wickets of Smith and Stonnis in the same over which confirmed the Indian Win by almost 80%.

In the next over, Maxwell had no choice other than going big and got out to Chahal. Chahal once again picked two important wickets of Warner and Maxwell. Just when Indian fans are celebrating the win, Carey looked very strong and started hitting the ball to all corners of the ground. With Coulter-Nile performance in the last match, with him at one end and the way Carey is hitting in the ball, again the winning chances of Australia looked little high although they need to score 12 runs in an over.

Finally, the Bumrah and Bhuvi combination started to show their game, picked the wickets in 45, 47 and couple of wickets in 50th over by handing the victory to the team.

India won by 36 runs in a crucial game and big game against Australia.

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