It’s a D day…India Vs Pakistan. It’s a 6-0 … All eyes waiting to watch, all conversations are about it, all discussions are about that because its India Vs Pakistan match.

Today one more guest added to the conversation as never before and special guest is Rain. Already Rain is on top of the table in this world cup in just 4 matches where other teams are struggling to even get 6 points.

As everyone is praying that rain should stay away. Let us also pray and hope that the rain will not create a major hindrance to the match today.

Coming to the match, whatever the form of the player is, however the pitch is, whatever the conditions are, it doesn’t matter who is the bowler, who is the batsman, who is the fielder, the only thing matters in today’s match is the pressure. Whoever will come up by defeating the pressure, they will be the better batsman, better bowler, better fielder and finally the winner of the Match.

However, history says India never lost to Pakistan in a World Cup match. So, India along with strong lineup has an added advantage of history scores. It’s a new game and new day but always the history will give the confidence. On the other side, Pakistan coming to this match with a confidence of winning Champions trophy against India. So, both the countries are coming to the match with their own confidence backing their lineups.

The condition of the pitch and weather, it is raining for last two days and overcast conditions on Sunday as well. So, the pitch had been under covers for most of the time in last two days.

There is a forecast of rain in the latter off the day. So, who ever won the toss, will chose to bowl as first hour will support seamers due to overcast conditions.

India may go into the match with two changes, Shami comes in place of Kuldeep and Karthik/Shankar comes in place of Dhawan. As couple of media reports say that if it’s a full 50 overs match, then Shankar will come into place or if it’s a short game, Karthik will come into the picture. Whoever is coming, it will be high pressure game for them. For me Kuldeep should play instead of Shami as he and Chahal can be very dangerous in the middle order as they can add more pressure along with the India Vs Pakistan match pressure.

All eyes will be on Rahul as he is opening for the first time in this World cup that too in a crucial India Vs Pakistan match. He should prove the trust of Indian management and should give a good start to Indian team. Rohit on the other hand looks in a great touch and it is a matter of time, he will explode on the ground.

Kohli as usual will be super key in today’s match as he can play a match winning innings in any conditions and on any pitch who so ever the bowler is.

Dhoni, Pandya should finish the innings as they did in Australia match to make India reach high score or to reach the other side of the line.

Jadhav didn’t get much time in the middle in first two games, but he is one kind of a player who can come, bat and stabilize the innings or increase the run rate without much game time.

When it comes to Indian bowling, Shami has 90% of chance to play in final X1 and if that is the case, it will be super entertainment fast bowling by Indian pacers where Bhuvi and Bumrah already proved how lethal they are. So Shami comes in, then Chahal will be lone spinner and he has the capability of leading the middle owners alone. Pandya or Jadhav will share the 5th bowler share but somehow it seems Jadhav will play a key role with this bowling too.

When it comes to Pakistan, the top three batsmen are very important to Pakistan team and if we can pick couple of early wickets, then it will put lot of pressure on the middle order which didn’t perform well to the expectation till now.

Amir and Wahab will be the key bowlers for Pakistan and they can trouble Indian batsmen specially openers.

Overall it will be a great match with Pakistan fast bowling vs India batsman and Indian Pace bowling Vs Pakistan top order.

Let’s tune to Star Sports and enjoy the biggest sports event.

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